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Dec 27, 2016

Here's episode 17: AKA Someone Please Stop the Goddamned Clicking episode. Brent, Steve, Jason, & Shannon talk holiday chores, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal, and a whole bunch of Rogue One spoilers! ...and then Shannon freaks out about mouse-click noises. We blame Christmas stress and general bitchiness. Technical issues...

Dec 19, 2016

It's the A-Team of podcasts! GKB hosts, Steve, Jason, Brent, & Shannon, team up for this freak-of-the-week adventure in podcasting! We talk about pimp strutting, cancer, Minecraft, Mario Run, Pokemon Go!, bromances in Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XIV, GW2, Villagers & Heroes, Dabney Coleman, the Flash, Arrow, Legends...

Dec 10, 2016

Shannon, Jason, & Brent go adulting in this exciting episode about Google Play vs. iTunes, VR 3D movies and missed opportunities, PlayStationVue vs. DirecTV Now, and a little bit about the Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer. Steve refused to adult so he had to stay in the box.

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Dec 4, 2016

Steve, Jason, Shannon, & Brent talk about Fan Fic, Watch Dogs 2, Villagers & Heroes, the video game awards, and Steve's new puppy!

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Dec 1, 2016

TOPICS: Guild Wars 2, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Watchdogs 2, Winter's Veil in WOW, Villagers & Heroes, Hitman, Detroit Turkey Trot, Harry Potter movies, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, Die Hard and other classic holiday films & Jason's new VR headset: Gear VR vs the Vive.


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